Clinical Trials and Drug Research Literature in Mental Health

Our listings of recent clinical trials cover each of the medications listed in our main medications quick reference.

Database of Clinical Trials in Mental Health

For each of our main medication entries, we also carry a list of the latest clinical trials research involving that particular drug. These lists are drawn from the searchable database at, which includes all the latest information about clinical trials from the US government’s National Institutes of Health. You can search the database directly for information on clinical trials involving any of the drugs listed here, you can search directly on the name of a given condition, or you can browse all the clinical trials listings hierarchically.

Using a newsreader, you can also receive the latest clinical trials results for a given search term via RSS.

Drug Research Articles

A selection of abstracts for the most recent research articles published about drugs used in mental health can be found at the US government’s authoritative PubMed database.

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