About CR Extras, With Supplementary Material for Counselling Resource Readers

While CounsellingResource.com carries the bulk of our material on therapy, psychology, counselling and general mental health, CR Extras collects additional mental health reference materials from a wide variety of sources, primarily in government and academia.

Founded in 2002 by Dr Greg Mulhauser, by 2006 our main site Counselling Resource was beginning to grow beyond what one or two people could reasonably manage. In 2007 we began the transition to a broader production team, and the site is now the work of an international team of mental health professionals and web business veterans, including both volunteers and paid employees and consultants.

We are guided with the help of an International Advisory Board of professional and scientific faculty, and each member of our broader ‘consumer-facing’ team of mental health professionals in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology dedicates a portion of their time each week to producing and delivering to you the latest professionally reviewed original content in the field.

Here at CR Extras, our aim is simple: to provide a curated collection of trustworthy mental health reference materials, collected primarily from government and academia, to provide additional background information for the range of topics we cover at the main site. As with all our sites, our intention is to complement — not replace — your relationship with a qualified healthcare professional or mental health practitioner.

Each article includes a reference to the original information provider. Likewise, all pages of the site except for search results include date information — including both publication date and last modified date for pages providing mental health content. Our materials are intended for members of the public and for mental health professionals alike; we do not split our sites into vertical silos.

As a satellite site of CounsellingResource.com, all our main documents about site privacy, advertising, terms of use and so on are included on the main site:

We do have a separate addendum specifically about Cookies and Privacy on this site.

If you need to get in touch with us, please do so via the main site’s contact page. The team looks forward to hearing from you!

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